Marvel’s Black Knight has been cancelled, with issue five confirmed to be the final one. Frank Tieri, writer of the series, confirmed the cancellation on his Facebook page today:

“Ok, bad news time, folks… I can officially talk about this now and can confirm that yeah, issue #5 of BLACK KNIGHT will indeed be our last. It sucks and there’s a lot I could say about it but in the end, the bottom line is the market is what it is these days and the sales just weren’t there. It was an honor and a privilege to bring Dane’s adventures in Weird world to you — and we’re not quite done yet as we’ll be wrapping up our storyline which actually can act as a limited series the way it’s structured. Proud of the work we did here and wanted to thank Team BK for all their efforts and great work. And most of all I wanted to thank the BK fans who have always been great in their support– without you there would never have been a BLACK KNIGHT book to begin with. Wish I had better news but hopefully you guys will enjoy the next 2 issues as we close this thing out. The ebony blade sheathes for now…”

Frank Tieri has been the primary writer of Black Knight for the past decade, writing the character in Excalibur, Original Sins, and the current series. Marvel has yet to comment on the cancellation.

via [Marvel]
Black Knight was written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Luca Pizzari. The series focused on Damien Whiteman, the current Black Knight. Black Knight is the first “All-New All-Different Marvel” series to be cancelled. Issue 4 will be released on February 10th, while issue 5 will be released March 9th.