5 things you didn’t know about Deadpool.

To celebrate the release of Deadpool on February 12th, Invincible Marvel is hosting 10 days of Deadpool! Each day we bring you some news, history, or fun facts about Deadpool.

1. As a child, Wade Wilson idolized Captain America.

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Because of this, and their bond due to them both being government experiments, Cap is one of the few Marvel characters to treat him with respect. Though it would be interesting to see this relationship play out on the big screen, Steve and Wade are owned by different companies (Marvel and Fox, respectively).

2. Deadpool has talked villains into submission.


Deadpool has defeated many villains by driving them insane by talking incessantly, hence the title “Merc with the Mouth”. He obtained this trait during the Weapon-X experimentation where he was driven insane.

3. One of Deadpool’s life goals is to make Spider-Man his best friend.

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Deadpool and Spider-Man have a complicated relationship, with Deadpool persistently trying to become best friends with Spider-Man, while Spider-Man believes that Deadpool is a crazy, kill-happy mercenary (he’s not entirely wrong).

4. Deadpool has a daughter.


Her name is Eleanor. He didn’t know he had a daughter, and when he found out, the woman he had her with (Carmelita Camacho) was dead. Wade gave his friend from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody so no one would know her real parents.

5. His weakness is kittens.


Nuff’ said.
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