To celebrate the release of Deadpool on February 12th, Invincible Marvel is hosting 10 days of Deadpool! Each day we bring you some news, history, or fun facts about Deadpool.

Day 9: Top 3 Deadpool Villains!

3. Ajax

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Ajax is a mutant foe of Deadpool’s closely involved with his past. Since Ajax is the villain of the Deadpool movie, we will not be delving into his past so the movie is not spoiled. However, we will say that Ajax is tied to the Weapon X Program.

2. Taskmaster

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Taskmaster is arguably Deadpool’s most well known foe. Though these two are often at odds, the pair has been forced to work together in the past. Taskmaster’s power is to copy the fighting style of whoever he fights, but he always loses to Deadpool because Deadpool is unpredictable!

1. Deadpool himself!

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The merc with a mouth is so crazy, that the only person who can kill him is himself! First seen in the mini-series “Deadpool Kills Deadpool”, this is an alternate version of deadpool, who is known as Dreadpool. It takes a team of Deadpools from alternate universes to defeat Dreadpool.