Plus, the Return of a Famous Iron Man Character!

Who Martin Freeman would be playing in Captain America: Civil War has been one of the biggest mysteries of the upcoming film. Could it be senator Dell Rusk (the reincarnated Red Skull), or maybe he’s the real Mandarin (hey, I didn’t say all of these rumors were good)? Now these rumors have been put to rest. According to a report by io9, Martin Freeman will be portraying the comic book character known as Everett Ross.


In the comics, Everett Ross is a supporting character of the Black Panther. He is an expert on Wakanda (Black Panther’s home country) which leads him to being assigned by the US State Department to the Black Panther to escort him on American soil. He and Black Panther then become friends, risking much for each other.


In a later report, io9 also revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow would be returning to her role as Pepper Potts. Since it was thought that her contract expired with Iron Man 3, it will be nice to see her return. But don’t expect her to have a big role, since she was only added in reshoots.