Recently, none of us at Invincible Marvel have had the opportunity to post any news about everything that has happened in the past week. Now that we’re back, we’ve made an article detailing every single news report that has happened in the past week (and trust me, there has been a lot.)

Iron Fist Casting


Marvel has announced that they have cast Finn Jones as the hero Iron Fist in their upcoming Netflix show, Iron Fist. However, a controversy has arose about the casting of the character. Though in the comics Daniel Rand is a Caucasian American, many wanted the character to be cast as an Asian American to show more diversity in their cast and to reflect Marvel’s large Asian fan base.

Vote Loki 2016


He’s a liar, trickster, and never keeps his word – the perfect candidate for president! Marvel is launching a brand new series called Vote Loki, detailing his life as a presidential candidate! What are his motives? Will he actually win? Will Thor be his vice president? I for one can’t wait to find out when Vote Loki starts in June.

Gambit Pushed Back


Fox’s Gambit has been in a lot of trouble, so it was no surprise when Fox announced that it wouldn’t reach it’s October 7th release date. Gambit has been push back indefinitely but Fox has also set two release dates for two new movies on October 6, 2017 and January 12, 2018. These films are most likely either Deadpool 2, X-Force, or New Mutants.

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer 2

This trailer is even better than the last one. With Elektra and Punisher coming in full force, this season looks to be even better than the last one.

Captain America: Civil War Photos

Marvel has recently released more Captain America: Civil War photos. I cannot wait to see this movie!

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Agent Carter Finale

Now that season 2 of Agent Carter is over, the fate of the show has been left up in the air. However, we will continue to keep you updated on any news featuring our favorite Post-World War II secret agent (oddly specific). Soon, we will post our review of the season as a whole.

Grant Ward, aka Hive


It’s been revealed that the creature that possessed Grant Ward in the mid-season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the comics character the Hive! The character first appeared in the Secret Warriors series, and the character had the ability to take on another’s form. Can’t wait to see how this character is portrayed in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.