March 10

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

This trailer has everything in it! Black Panther vs Bucky! Vision vs Scarlet Witch! War Machine falling out of the sky! SPIDER-MAN! Tickets are now onsale.

Han Solo Gets His Own Comic Book

han solo

Written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Mark Brook, Han Solo #1 will be released in June. Starring the galaxy’s greatest smuggler and his furry sidekick, the book will go back to the time right after Episode IV and shows Han trying to go back to the way he was before he met Luke and Leia.

Zendaya Enters the Life of Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man


Zendaya has been cast in Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man movie (which has yet to be named, I might add.) The only detail given away about her character is that she is playing someone named Michelle and that she will not be playing the romantic interest of Spidey. Though there is no Michelle in the comics, there is Michele Gonzales, introduced in Marc Guggenheim’s Amazing Spider-Man run, where she was Peter Parker’s roommate.

Protect the Future, Change the Future

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Marvel has unveiled some new Civil War II teaser images. Though it has yet to be confirmed if any of these characters will be playing a major role in Civil War II, we can at least assume that they will appear in some capacity.  But will these heroes choose to Protect the Future, or Change the Future? New images keep coming out every day, so we promise to keep you updated.

New Iron Fist Characters Revealed

iron fist

Along with the casting of Iron Fist, Marvel is looking to cast some of his friends and foes. It’s already been confirmed that Shang Chi (a martial arts hero from the 70’s) will be joining the cast, while That Hashtag Show has reported that Steel Serpent (an Iron Fist villain), Colleen Wig (crime-fighting partner of Misty Knight), Joy Meachum (daughter of Harold Meachum, and occasional love interest of Iron Fist), and Ward Meachum (Harold’s Brother) will be characters in the show.

Is the Venom Movie Still Alive?


The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Sony has decided to revive their Venom movie that was planned back when they had total control of the web-slinger. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach will be producing and overseeing the project, while Dante Harper will write the script. It is unclear which version of Venom we will be seeing (the newest version, Agent Venom, is pictured above), but it has been confirmed that this film is meant to start its own franchise. The film will not be related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Tom Holland’s Spidey.

Mutant vs Inhuman


While Captain America and Iron Man will face off in Captain America: Civil War, and Iron Man and Captain Marvel will face off in Civil War II, the long building conflict between Mutant and Inhuman will reach its climax in Civil War II: X-Men. The Terrigen Mist that is empowering Inhumans is killing Mutants, and Magneto decides it’s time to end this feud once and for all. Taking place alongside Civil War II, this ongoing mini-series will start in June! Who’s side are you on?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter: New Seasons


Marvel has revealed that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for a fourth season. Though Marvel has yet to announce if Agent Carter would receive a third season, Nerd Reactor has reported that the low viewed but beloved series will receive a new season.

Joss Whedon’s Return to Comics

joss whedon captain america

Joss Whedon will be writing a special Captain America tale to celebrate the Star-Spangled-Man-With-A-Plan’s 50th anniversary. The 8 page story will take place in Sam-Wilson: Captain America #7 and feature Cap during World War II. The story will also be drawn by his Astonishing X-Men partner John Cassaday.

Captain America Civil War Posters

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New Daredevil Poster