Hello everyone! Invincible Marvel is going through a number of changes, so we here have decided to tell you about things you can look forward to in the upcoming months:

  • “Character Spotlight” and “Marvel News Roundup” will continue to be published weekly, while “Things We Noticed in Marvel’s _________ Solicitations” will continue to be published monthly.
  • Some “Character Spotlights” that you can look forward to over are as follows: Kingpin, Captain America, Iron Man, Apocalypse, Loki, and others.
  • “Comics to Look Forward to This Week” will be discontinued and instead will be replaced with “Comic Book Pick of the Week” where we pick our favorite comic released this week and review it. “Pick of the Week” will be published on Fridays.
  • Another new article series you can look forward to is “Marvel Unlimited Recommended Reading” where we’ll talk about some of our favorite Marvel events or storylines and why you should read them. This series will be published every other week.
  • A new article series called “Random Marvel Fact of the Week” will be published on Wednesdays, featuring a brief paragraph about a random Marvel fact.
  • “Marvel News Roundup” will now be Published on Sundays instead of Thursdays.
  • We have plans to upgrade our Character Spotlight articles, but the earliest this could be done is in the summer.
  • Our “___ Days of _______” articles are being discontinued for the time being, but there is hope that they will return one day.
  • Some other articles that we are working on are a review of Daredevil season 2 and a recap of everything that happened at Marvel’s panels at C2E2