Things We’ve Noticed

  • Scott Aukerman and Brian Posehn take over Spider-Man/Deadpool with issue 6
  • 4 Civil War II tie-in series: Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man; Civil War II: X-Men; Civil War II: Gods of War; Civil War II: Choosing Sides
  • Show your support for Loki in Vote Loki #1
  • Deadpool vs Gambit begins now
  • Planet Terry, a character from the early Marvel universe, will return in Drax #8
  • Silver Surfer reaches its 200th issue in Silver Surfer #6
  • Spider-Gwen gets her own annual

  • Star Wars: Han Solo begins now
  • Kelly Thompson and Ben Cadwell take over A-Force
  • Worst X-Man Ever reaches its conclusion
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets its own comic book adaption
  • Contest of Champions gets its own Civil War tie-in! (Except it’s the wrong Civil War)
  • Black Widow returns to the USSR in Black Widow #4
  • Thanks to the lack of new issues this month, it looks like Starbrand and Nightmask, Angela: Queen of Hel, and Illuminati were all cancelled
  • Though Hercules is absent from the list, Marvel has confirmed that the series will be replaced by Civil War II: Gods of War for the summer
  • Meet the Venom Wolverine hybrid of the future in Extraordinary X-Men #11
  • Vision’s secrets are revealed to his teammates in Vision #8
  • Frank Castle makes his debut in Spider-Gwen’s universe
  • A-Force #6 reveals someone who looks a lot like an all-new all-different Thor…
  • Civil War II kicks off with it’s first issue
  • Find out what happened to Bruce Banner in Totally Awesome Hulk #7, a Civil War II tie-in
  • Iron Man vs Inhumans in Civil War #2

Our Favorite Covers

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