Can I just start off this review by saying wow? This series continues to impress where lots of series have failed. This series delivers a thought provoking plot, stunning art, amazing characters, and gets better every issue. And the covers are to die for. Just look at the one placed above!

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Now, onto the plot. The Ultimates have finally made it outside the omniverse to the end of everything. Right when they are about to perish, the Ultimates are saved by Galactus, the Lifebringer. The Ultimates ask him about what he knows, and he shows them space-time.

However, Anti-Man attacks Galactus, claiming that Galactus is keeping something from them. Galactus then puts them all to sleep, and captures them. He then delivers the team to the one who sent him: Eternity. Eternity then congratulates Galactus for delivering them to him.

During the Epilogue, someone can be seen staring at Galactus and the Ultimates while they are outside the omniverse. The someone sees Galactus leave with the Ultimates, and he clings to life and follows Galactus through the hole that he came through. The someone returns to life, and is revealed to be Thanos, who had been left outside the omniverse in the aftermath of Secret Wars.

One of my favorite parts about the issue is the way Jonathan Hickman brings in Secret Wars. The issue starts off with a flashback to Secret Wars 9. Jonathan Hickman is showing us what the Marvel Universe can and can’t do, or can and can’t be, in the aftermath of Secret Wars.

The issue also does a great job of reintroducing Thanos to the Marvel universe. Since Thanos is scheduled to be a big part of Civil War II, I’m assuming next issue is going to be instrumental in setting up his position for the event.

In conclusion, the latest issue of the Ultimates is the best one yet. From introducing Thanos to the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe, and simplifying everything that’s happening in the post Secret Wars Marvel Universe, this series is every bit worth the hype. The Ultimates have a lot to live up to considering their predecessor, but so far they are doing a great job.

Rating: 4.75 Shields