Captain America: Sam Wilson #7


It’s been seventy-five years since Captain America debuted in 1941, punching Hitler in the jaw. Seventy-five years years of red, white, and blue. Seventy-five years of doing what is right. Seventy-five years of trying to find out what doing the right thing means.

There have been three major Captain America’s. Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson. Each has brought something new to the table, while trying to honor and live up to the previous ones. However, one thing remains consistent throughout all three of them. They have all done what they believe is the right thing. They’ve all stood up for what they believe in. This story highlights that. Even when a Captain America is down, they don’t stop fighting. Even when they’re not wearing the costume, they still continue to be a role model.


The story begins where  Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha left off. Steve Rogers and Maria Hill are recovering from the bombing in the clutches of Baron Zemo. Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier and Cap are trying to rescue him and figure out what’s happening in the strange town of Pleasant Hill. Baron Zemo is leading a rebellion of all the imprisoned villains in Pleasant Hill against S.H.I.E.L.D.


Baron Zemo lets Steve and Hill  to go to the hospital to get medical supplies. They are escorted by a prisoner who is disguising himself with his Pleasant Hill identity. The trio makes it to a hospital, where they find Erik Selvig. He helps Hill and reveals to Steve that Kobik is missing and that Zemo is looking for her so that he can use her reality altering powers. Steve manages to escape and goes after Kobik. However, it’s then revealed that the prisoner guarding him is Red Skull, and he has his own agenda besides Zemo’s plan.


Rogers finds Kobik, but is attacked by Crossbones. He tells her to hide while he faces him. Crossbones nearly beats him to death. When he is about to die, Cap sees his past and ponders his legacy. He discusses the loved ones he leaves behind, and the people who will honor him once he is gone. He even discusses the origins of himself and the other two Captain America’s.





On the brink of death, Kobik revives him, and returns him to his former super-soldier-serum-self! He defeats Crossbones, and is found by Captain America and the Winter Soldier.


This issue truly celebrates what makes Captain America great. It reflects that it doesn’t matter who is under the mask as long as they stand up for what is right. Steve Rogers continued to stand up for what was right even when he didn’t have the super soldier serum, and that is what makes him a hero. He doesn’t need powers to be a hero.

Rating: 5 Shields