April 3

New Civil War II Details

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  • The Inhuman’s name who is the cause for conflict is Ulysses. He has the power to see the future with incredible accuracy. He is also the Inhuman flying on the cover of issue two with Iron Man.
  • The story will start in the middle of a huge invasion. The attack causes the heroes of the Marvel universe to band together to stop them, and will be the climactic event that shapes the rest of the storyline.
  • Some characters will change sides over the course of the series.
  • The covers of the Civil War: Choosing Sides series doesn’t confirm who’s on who’s team.
  • Not every series will be involved or tie in, unlike the original Civil War storyline.
  • Something big and controversial will be happening in each issue, especially issue three (which features the Hulk.)
  • Issue four will be a turning point on who some people side with.

Jessica Henwick Joins the Cast of Iron Fist


Jessica Henwick has joined the cast of Iron Fist as Colleen Wing. In the series, Colleen is a martial artist who runs her own dojo, and is an ally to Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist) when he returns to New York. Jessica Henwick has previously starred in Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She joins Finn Jones as the only two cast members announced so far. Iron Fist will appear on Netflix in 2017.

Dead No More Images


Dead No More.png

Over the week, Marvel has released 5 Dead No More teaser images, each as a part of a larger picture formed above. From left to right we can see:

  • Uncle Ben, Captain George Stacy, Jean DeWolff, and others are walking forward with bullets flying from behind them.
  • Spider-Man being attacked by Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus has been living inside of the Living Brain, waiting for the opportunity to return.
  • Behind Doctor Octopus, we can see Rhino, Electro, and Lizard, each of whom had lost someone in recent years, charging at Spider-Man. Rhino and Lizard have both been approached by a man in a purple suit, who makes them do what he wants in exchange for their (formerly dead) loved ones.
  • Also charging at Spider-Man is the Prowler, Scarlet Spider, and Madame Web. While Madame Web was definitely dead, it was implied at the end of Spider-Verse that Scarlet Spider was still alive, and the Prowler is definitely alive as he is a supporting character in the current Amazing Spider-Man series.
  • At the far right edge of the picture, we see Gwen Stacy (dead, obviously) sharing a drink with the man in the red suit who has been popping up in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. For the first time we can see his face, albeit covered with a mask. Since his face isn’t visible, it implies that the villain is someone that we know. Gwen Stacy also has a sinister look in her eyes.

Doctor Strange Set Photos


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