War Machine Character Spotlight

War Machine James Rhodes

A military man, James Rhodes is a stickler for rules. This often puts him into conflict with his close friend Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. So when Stark relapsed into alcoholism, he asked Rhodes to take up the title of Iron Man. Stark eventually took the mantle back, he gave Rhodes his War Machine armor so that he can continue being a hero. Though he has taken breaks from the armor, Rhodes would always come back to save the day.


  • Soldier Training
  • Energy Repulsors
  • Missiles/Laser Blasters
  • Flight
  • Improved Strength


  • Iron Man
  • Captain Marvel
  • Nick Fury


  • AIM
  • Norman Osborn
  • Mandarin

Recommended Media:

  • Iron Man #169-170
  • Iron Man #280-291
  • Ultimate Iron Man #1-5 & Ultimate Iron Man II #1-5 (Not Canon)

Fun Fact

Rhodes once had an armor called the Warwear made by and to combat aliens!