Baron Zemo Character Spotlight

Baron Zemo Helmut Zemo

Helmut Zemo is the son of Heinrich Zemo. Heinrich fought Captain America during WWII and was responsible for Bucky’s death, He was one of the first foes Cap fought when he returned to the present. He met his end when he was struck by an avalanche. His son, Helmut Zemo, has vowed to carry on his father’s legacy, using his strategic intellect and powers to combat Cap. He formed the Thunderbolts to help achieve his goal.


  • Strategic Intellect
  • Master Swordsman & Skilled in Combat
  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Agility
  • Slowed Aging


  • Masters of Evil


  • Captain America
  • The Avengers
  • Bucky Barnes

Recommended Media:

  • Thunderbots #1-12 and Annual (1997 Comic)
  • Thunderbolts: Zemo – Born Better (Comic)
  • Avengers #274-277 (Comic)

Fun Fact

There have been 13 Baron Zemos, each carrying on the legacy of the previous one.