Welcome to the Marvel Games Report, where we talk about all of the new features in Marvel’s many apps and games. This week: Civil War enters Marvel Heroes 2016 and Avengers Academy!

Civil War Takes Center Stage in Marvel Heroes 2016


Marvel.com has an exclusive interview with Gazillion Creative Designer Ryan Collins, where he talked about how Crossbones will appear in the game, and how next week the player will get to choose a team and fight against boss versions of the opposing heroes. Some new Team-Up heroes are on their way, including Falcon and Agent 13, aka Sharon Carter! The team is also working on Civil War characters skins. Finally, he revealed that you can also claim your own fully unlocked Captain America or Iron Man character just by entering the code TEAMCAP or TEAMIRONMAN at marvelheroes.com/redeem. Choose wisely! Check out the link for the full interview.

Civil War Erupts in Marvel’s Avengers Academy


Following the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy event, Marvel’s heroes find themselves at odds with Hydra and the Red Skull, who has deployed his secret weapon: The Winter Soldier! Marvel.com conducted an interview with Allen Warner, where he talked about the Civil War event going on in the game. The fight breaks out because of an ideological difference between Cap and Iron Man on how to protect the academy. During the event, expect Black Panther, Agent 13, The Winter Soldier, Crossbones, Madame Hydra, and the Iron Widow outfit to join the academy, along with Wonder Man and Sif (plus Cap’s WWII outfit) to be available as premium unlocks. He also teased the arrival of Giant-Man! Start playing now, the event ends on June 7. For the full interview, check out the link.