1. Michael Keaton (Reportedly) Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming

Michael Keaton

According to Deadline, Michael Keaton reportedly has joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming as the Vulture! Keaton was in talks for the role back in April until talks fell through, but Marvel has reportedly approached him again, and a deal has been closed. If this is true, he will join Tom Holland (Peter Parker aka Spider-Man) Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark aka Iron Man) Zendaya, Toni Revolori, and Laura Harrier. Take both the Vulture rumor and that Michael Keaton has joined the cast with a pinch of salt, until we get an official confirmation.

  1. Marvel Doesn’t Care About Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Chloe Bennet

As if we needed any confirmation that Marvel TV and Marvel Studios aren’t as interconnected as they would like you to believe, one of the stars of Marvel TV has come out and said what we all suspected to be true. When asked why Avengers like Black Widow & Hawkeye don’t appear in the show, Chloe Bennet (Daisy Johnson) had this to say:

I don’t know. People who make movies for Marvel, why don’t you acknowledge what happens on our show? Why don’t you guys go ask them that? Cause they don’t seem to care… The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to pretend that everything is connected, but then they don’t acknowledge our show at all. So, I would love to do that [appear in the MCU], but they don’t seem to keen on that idea.

  1. The Challenges of Making a Black Panther Movie

Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler, director of Marvel’s Black Panther, spoke about the challenges of making a movie that’s supposed to be part of a larger universe, while also making it his own:

It’s a specific challenge. What Marvel’s doing, and what you see a lot of studios doing now that Marvel has done it so successfully, is making content that exists in a particular universe, where the characters tie in and crossover, and I think that’s a great creative challenge to me—to make this movie as personal as possible. It’s going to be my most personal movie to date, which is crazy to say, but it’s completely the case. I’m obsessed with this character and this story right now, and I think it’s going to be very unique and still fit into the overall narrative that they’re establishing. I grew up as a comic book fan, and the same things used to happen in the comic books. You’d have Wolverine’s books, and they’d be so much darker and more brutal than the X-Men books, but they’d still fit in when you open the pages of the X-Men book. It’s new to movies, but it’s not new to storytelling.

  1. X-Men Apocalypse: Wolverine Role Revealed (Spoiler)

Wolverine X-2.png

Bryan Singer has revealed Wolverine’s “unique” role in X-Men: Apocalypse: His Weapon X form! The Weapon X form of the character is the wild and berserk form of the character created by the Weapon X program under William Stryker. Bryan Singer had this to say about the cameo:

What’s really nice about his cameo is that he’s the Wolverine you’ve never seen before. He’s truly Weapon X. Not just the guy coming out of the tank, but the weapon.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence’s Future in the X-Men Movies


Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she has made a pact with cast members James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to only return for future X-Men movies if they do:

Fassbender and McAvoy and I were all talking, like, ‘Will you come back?’ ‘I dunno.’ ‘I’ll come back, if you come back.’ Fox should be terrified because the deal we made was like if one of us doesn’t come back, none of us are.

I would love to come back. I love the fans and I love the character. But then you realize how important your year is, like how important three months out of your year is. I don’t know. I shouldn’t be that honest.

  1. Are X-Force and X-23 the Future of the X-Men Movies?


Bryan Singer revealed that he has pitched the female Wolverine, aka X-23, to be part of Fox’s X-Force film. He even suggested that he pitched X-23 as the future of the Wolverine franchise. He also confirmed that X-Force is in the early stages of the script.

  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Moves to 10:00 PM

Agents Of Shield

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been moved to 10:00 on Tuesday nights. Though the show has a dedicated fanbase, the show will likely see its end with the fourth season, as a) The show will lose lots of its younger viewers thanks to the later time slot; b) The show will be competing with NCIS: New Orleans (which averages at 13 million viewers) and Chicago Fire (which averages at 8 million viewers). It is also worth knowing that ⅓ of the average viewers are between the ages of 18-49, who might want to watch those shows as opposed to S.H.I.E.L.D.; and c) All of the shows that have aired on Tuesday nights at 10 on ABC have been cancelled (since 2013.)

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming Plot Supposedly Leaked

Spider-man Homecoming.png

The entire plot of the film has allegedly been leaked online by a person known as 4chan. The plot fits in with what we know so far, but there is room for doubt as to the authenticity of this. For the full plot, click here.

  1. Are Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight Marvel’s Next Netflix Series?

Moon Knight

MovieCreedLive has reported that supposedly (once again, supposedly) Marvel is planning 3 new Netflix shows based around the dark supernatural street heroes Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight. The trio would join the likes of the Punisher in the next wave of Netflix shows. Take this rumor with a pinch of salt, but it does seem plausible that Marvel would use these characters as a “Phase 2” for the Netflix universe, and maybe even having them come together in a new show (like the Defenders) as most of these characters have been a part of Marvel Knights.

  1. Thor: Ragnarok Stellar Cast Revealed

Thor Ragnarok Concept Art

Marvel has unveiled their all star cast for Thor: Ragnarok! The title character, Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) will return, along with his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) his father Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins) and the all seeing Heimdall (Idris Elba). The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) will make his debut in the Thor franchise, even though he has already appeared in other MCU movies.

Newcomers to the cast include Cate Blanchett as “the mysterious and powerful new villain” Hela, Jeff Goldblum as the “eccentric” Grandmaster, Tessa Thompson as the “classic hero” Valkyrie, and Karl Urban as Skurge.

Top News That Didn’t Make the Cut

Jeri Hogarth Joins the Cast of Marvel’s Iron Fist

Jeri Hogarth

Jeri Hogarth (played by Carrie-Anne Moss) has joined the cast of Marvel’s Iron Fist. This will be her third appearance in Marvel’s Netflix Universe, first in Jessica Jones Season 1 and Daredevil Season 2. When Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck was asked about her involvement, he said:

“Danny Rand lives in the highest stratosphere of New York’s business society and he’s going to need a ruthless lawyer to help him navigate this alien world.”

Moss joins Finn Jones (Danny Rand aka Iron Fist), Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wigg), David Wenham (Harold Meachum), Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum), and Tom Pelphrey (Ward Meachum).

Iron Man 3: What Could Have Been

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has revealed that in the early drafts of the script, the Mandarin was originally a woman! Black alleged that he was told explicitly by Marvel executives that the Mandarin could not be a villain “because, after consulting, [they] decided that the toy wouldn’t sell as well if it’s a female.”

This move was totally understandable because a) We would have never seen Aldrich Killian on screen (which is something fans were dying to see) and b) We would have never gotten these amazing Aldrich Killian toys:

Aldrich Killian toy.png

He also revealed that Marvel thought that fans would love the Iron Man 3 film twist and would “eat it up.”

That film was a mess.

Other News

  • About 90% of Black Panther’s cast will be African of African-American
  • The script for Gambit is near completion
  • Fantastic Four 2 is still at work (unfortunately) with the same cast
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez is rumored to star in Wolverine 3 in a “small but key role”
  • Elizabeth Wood reportedly met with Marvel reps to discuss directing Captain Marvel
  • Black Panther #1 tops April Comic Book sales, along with Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1
  • Alexandra Shipp (Storm) wants to appear in more X-Men movies (and Black Panther!)
  • This year will be Stan Lee’s last year at New York Comic Con
  • After the cancellation of Agent Carter and ABC passing on Marvel’s Most Wanted, plus rumors that ABC was distancing itself from Marvel, Disney said that they are working on multiple Marvel TV shows to suit both ABC and Marvel