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Civil War

Free Comic Book Day 2016 Revelations

Free Comic Book Day was Saturday (5/7), and boy was there a lot of things to take in. The (apparent) deaths of two major comic book heroes, the introduction of the all-new all-different Wasp, and the beginnings of new eras for Spider-Man and Steve Rogers.

Beware, spoilers ahead!

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Merry Marvel Monday: Captain America Opens at the Domestic Box Office

We’re back! After a short break, Invincible Marvel is back in action. Expect lots more articles, news reports, and fun! We’re also happy to debut “Merry Marvel Mondays,” which gets you ready for this week in Marvel with the biggest things coming up.

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Marvel News Roundup

Marvel has released their first teaser trailer for Luke Cage, however it is only viewable if you have a netflix account. If you do, click here to view it. The teaser will automatically start after the end credits of the last episode of Daredevil season 2. The teaser shows people trying to shoot Luke Cage, only for the bullets to bounce right off of him. It ends with the Luke Cage logo being shown, with Nas’ “Made You Look” playing over it. Luke Cage will premiere September 30th on Netflix.

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Marvel News Roundup

March 10

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

This trailer has everything in it! Black Panther vs Bucky! Vision vs Scarlet Witch! War Machine falling out of the sky! SPIDER-MAN! Tickets are now onsale.

Han Solo Gets His Own Comic Book

han solo

Written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Mark Brook, Han Solo #1 will be released in June. Starring the galaxy’s greatest smuggler and his furry sidekick, the book will go back to the time right after Episode IV and shows Han trying to go back to the way he was before he met Luke and Leia.

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Martin Freeman’s Captain America: Civil War Character Revealed!

Plus, the Return of a Famous Iron Man Character!

Who Martin Freeman would be playing in Captain America: Civil War has been one of the biggest mysteries of the upcoming film. Could it be senator Dell Rusk (the reincarnated Red Skull), or maybe he’s the real Mandarin (hey, I didn’t say all of these rumors were good)? Now these rumors have been put to rest. According to a report by io9, Martin Freeman will be portraying the comic book character known as Everett Ross.

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Captain America New Civil War Preview

via Marvel News

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